USAT Corp. specializes in improving the efficiency of mission critical operations by implementing wireless communication solutions. USAT provides, configures, and deploys the exact network devices that best fit the business requirements and budget of a wireless connectivity initiative.
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Latest M2M News:

Embedded M2M Solutions and Deployments are on the Rise

22 percent of 600 executives involved in machine-to-machine strategy said they have at least one current M2M deployment in operation, which is an 80 percent increase compared to 2013.  This data comes directly from a new study sponsored by Vodafone, a leading provider...

Cincinnati uses M2M for smart water solutions

The world’s population is steadily rising and could potentially increase by billions over the next few years. As a result of this population growth, more individuals require potable water, which greatly increases the demand of this already scarce resource. According...

The UK’s RIIO Regulatory Structure

Several controversies regarding the outdated utility business model and the industry’s market opportunities is spreading around the globe within blogs, newsletters, and trade magazines. These issues are being raised by utility suppliers, Wall Street analysts and...