industry demands steadily increasing, more businesses are looking to remote monitoring for greater productivity and efficiency. For companies interested in leveraging innovative M2M technology for remote asset and equipment monitoring, USAT Corp offers a secure, AirLink® LS300 Remote Monitoring solution that can streamline your network.

The Sierra Wireless AirLink® LS300 series are compact gateways built for your M2M network. With its rugged, military spec design and versatile connection options, the LS300 series can deliver powerful connectivity in even the most challenging environments.

The comprehensive set of configurable options allows the LS300 series to be expertly managed in the field. Combined with its ALEOS embedded intelligence, the LS300 series is well-suited for a variety of industrial, enterprise, and transportation deployments.  ALEOS intelligence allows users to setup custom security, networking and routing parameters, GPS location tracking, and events reporting in real-time. With its persistent connectivity and advanced features, the Sierra Wireless AirLink® LS300 Series can offer a valuable solution for all your remote monitoring needs.


The AirLink® LS300 Series Remote Monitoring Solution includes the following features:

  • ALEOS Intelligence enables seamless deployment and management
  • Reliable connectivity keeps you connected to the network
  • Rugged design built for the harshest environments
  • Application framework helps make programming fast and efficient
  • Integration with AirVantage® M2M Cloud makes it easy to build innovative applications and services


For questions or more information about the AirLink® LS300 Series Remote Monitoring solution, please contact a USAT sales representative for further details.