HSPA+ Models Available Now 
EV-DO Models for Verizon Wireless Networks Available in November 2013 
The new QuickCarrier USB-D is a cellular dongle specifically designed and built for M2M applications. That means it is a dramatic improvement over the consumer-based cellular dongles that are frequently installed in M2M applications. These consumer type dongles can be very troublesome with frequent design or software changes and often provide unreliable connectivity. The QuickCarrier USB-D from Multi Tech addresses those concerns. It is truly an M2M designed cellular dongle, meaning it is rugged, built for long life, and delivers reliable data connectivity. In addition, it is easy to deploy allowing customers to quickly connect their devices.
Key Features
  – 3G GSM model HSPA+
  – 3G CDMA model (EV-DO) for use on Verizon Wireless networks
  – Internal antenna
  – Short Message Services (SMS)
  – Drivers for Windows and Linux
  – AT command compatible
  – Certified and Carrier approved
  – Two year warranty
New Part Numbers  
MTD-H5 HSPA+     USB Cellular Modem – Global Available Now
MTD-EV3-N3 EV-DO     USB Cellular Modem (Verizon) – US November 2013
Note: Multi-Tech is currently working on obtaining approvals with Sprint and Aeris Communications
MTD-H5 and MTD-EV3 are encryption items. U.S. Export Administration Regulations have special
restrictions on the export of encryption items; please refer to these regulations. Any export of
commodities, technology, or software must be exported from the United States in accordance with the
Export Administration Regulations. Export or diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.