AirLink GX440 Now Certified For Verizon

Shared on January 06, 2012 written by USAT CORP

In a press release today, Sierra Wireless has announced that their flagship 4G device, the GX440 has been certified for Verizon.

The Sierra Wireless AirLink GX440 delivers the higher bandwidth required by applications including high-quality wireless video surveillance, multi-data-stream wireless connections to branch locations, or mobile office applications for public safety and field service activities.

The AirLink GX440 marks a significant milestone for Sierra Wireless, as it represents a major network evolution for the latest device platform in the AirLink product family. Launched in early 2011, the AirLink GX Series brought a leading-edge combination of features to the AirLink line, providing a five-fold increase in processor performance, increased ruggedness, hosted remote management capabilities with AirLink Management Services, and an expansion slot for hardware feature enhancements such as additional physical interfaces and wireless local and personal area networking and communications.

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