Certified To Integrate Toughbook Arbitrator 360 Systems

Shared on November 11, 2009 written by USAT Corp.

USAT is now certified to provide turn-key integration services for the Panasonic Toughbook Arbitrator 360, the powerful mobile digital video system that provides evidence collection and video protection to law enforcement agencies.

Chapel Hill, NC (PRWEB) - November 11, 2009 USAT Corp. is proud to announce the company's recent certification as an Toughbook Arbitrator 360 Systems Integrator. This certification, which is administrated by Panasonic Computer Solutions Company as a part of Panasonic's MV-TP3 program, authorizes USAT to provide turn-key Arbitrator 360 design and implementation services. The Toughbook Arbitrator 360, announced at the IACP conference in October, is a powerful digital video evidence collection system that complements the Panasonic line of ruggedized Toughbook laptops.

Panasonic certified USAT through its rigorous training and testing program, to ensure that Toughbook Arbitrator systems are installed using proper techniques designed to ensure the reliability of the evidence collection process. The Panasonic certification testing, which took place at the Arbitrator Service Center outside of Cincinnati, OH, follows a rigorous 30 hour technical session of study, drilling, problem-solving and written and hands-on testing. Back-end server software configuration, back-end client configuration, and front-end mobile client configuration and the physical set up and onsite installation of the Arbitrator 360 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and video cameras are all service capabilities that USAT will be offering to law enforcement clients.

Representing the pinnacle of Panasonic's 20 years of achievement in video surveillance, the Arbitrator 360 increases officer safety by enabling a 360-degree view surrounding the entire vehicle where the system, which supports 6 video cameras, is installed. The Arbitrator's intuitive user interface can simultaneously display and record up to five camera feeds, so patrol officers can effortlessly monitor their entire surroundings from the driver's seat, and with live streaming capabilities, this same video can be viewed from an additional location other than the vehicle. The system encodes and compresses using the H.234 standard resulting in higher image quality and smaller videos then MPEG and MJPEG based systems, and records up to four separate solid state SDHC cards significantly reducing the potential for damage impacting a data storage device.

The Arbitrator camera has a very light sensitive sensor, supporting video down to .04 Lux, and has a quick 22x optical zoom (up to 220X digital zoom). The Toughbook Arbitrator 360 video recording system stands apart in its support of non-proprietary video and audio inputs, enabling support of many different manufacturers and models of cameras as well as audio gear. Some supported Arbitrator 360 uses include attaching a FLIR night-view camera, a parabolic microphone listening device and a backseat camera with LED light emitters. The system includes a wireless microphone with 90 auto-hunting channels and a 1000 foot range, so even at site locations with many officers and Arbitrator systems present, no audio will be missed. Harnessing the four distinct audio tracks, it is also possible to record real-time radio broadcasts during the video recording session without impacting the other microphone recordings.

In addition to officer security, chain-of-evidence is the focus of the Arbitrator 360. The system supports named user permissions, group based permissions and extensive rule based access and data retention control. The processes of data recording, transference and storage of all video evidence with the Arbitrator 360 is fully automated and wireless over-the-air, so law enforcement professionals in the vehicles are not burdened with additional audio-visual upkeep duties. The Arbitrator 360's digital video files are constantly being cached. Once the record button is activated, either manually or through a designated trigger, a pre-event video of several seconds or minutes is automatically entered into the record to ensure all evidence is captured. Agencies can activate up to 16 triggers to start the recording, such as with a siren or light bar trigger, a wireless mike activity sensor, a vehicle speed trigger, a radar speed based trigger, a G-Force crash sensor (accelerometer) and an open/close door trigger.

The Arbitrator 360 includes all new server and user software, SafeServ and CommandR, which both have been coded from the ground up based on customer feedback from previous versions. The new software supports backward compatibility including support for Arbitrator 1, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9. USAT is trained and authorized to convert legacy systems to the new software, and to import preexisting video stores into the new system. The new software supports video classification, in-vehicle bookmarking, user specific tags, automatic uploading, and push software and firmware updating. This information is encoded directly into the video file, making it integral to the evidence set, and searchable across the server database.

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