CradlePoint Announces Availability Of High Anticipated Embedded 4G LTE Router

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CradlePoint, a leader in 4G/3G wireless networking for enterprise, today announced the availability of its new COR Integrated Broadband Router 600LE. Built for the unique requirements of the machine-to-machine (M2M) market, the CradlePoint COR IBR600LE incorporates embedded dual-mode 4G/3G connectivity that allows customers to access and capitalize on the fastest available wireless network. The COR IBR600LE's small form factor provides a flexible, reliable, and secure solution within high-bandwidth applications at the speeds of Verizon 4G LTE.

Prospective customers, OEM partners and the M2M industry at large have an opportunity to experience CradlePoint's new COR series at CradlePoint's booth #535 at this year's Interop in Las Vegas, May 6-10. Additionally, CradlePoint will feature the COR IBR600LE at this year's International CTIA Wireless 2012 conference in New Orleans, May 8-10. The CradlePoint COR IBR600LE will be demonstrated in Wyless' booth #3357. Wyless is a certified CradlePoint M2M Diamond Partner.

"COR was designed to meet the connectivity challenges of the M2M market and the demands of distributed enterprises in verticals ranging from retail, financial services, to healthcare," noted George Mulhern, CEO and Chairman of the Board of CradlePoint. "Capitalizing on the speeds of the Verizon 4G LTE network, COR is at the apex of the M2M market's shift away from traditional wired connections to wireless to run mission critical applications. At the same time, COR's dual Ethernet ports allow customers the flexibility to deploy solutions in networks where wired and wireless infrastructures have converged."

The delivery of CradlePoint's COR series coincides with the emergence and rise of the M2M market, including retail POS, kiosks, digital signage, surveillance and monitoring. Because of the speed afforded by 4G LTE, enterprises are turning to wireless connections and the cloud to better manage their operational applications and efficiencies and to meet the rising demands of consumers who want to connect mobile devices using WiFi and Ethernet.

"CradlePoint is at the forefront in allowing businesses of all sizes to capitalize on Verizon's industry leading 4G LTE network," noted Eric Sorensen, Executive Director, Machine-to-Machine Solutions, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "Businesses across various industries will benefit from the ability to introduce high-bandwidth content at the point of customer engagement while streamlining their operations."

The CradlePoint COR IBR600LE allows organizations to insert an active SIM card directly into the built-in modem for wireless connection, and also supports traditional wired data networks for maximum network flexibility. Unlike other routers on the market, the COR series provides multiple Ethernet ports and robust Modem Health Management (MHM) to self-monitor and maximize modem uptime. Large deployments of the COR series can be managed remotely using CradlePoint's WiPipe Central management software to monitor, configure, and upgrade geographically-dispersed systems without requiring on-site technical resources.

The CradlePoint COR IBR600LE with embedded 4G/3G provides business-grade performance, reliability and security:

About M2M LTE

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