CradlePoint Enables Ooma Phone Calls At Retail Kiosks

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The M2M Situation

Ooma allows users to simply plug their existing home phone into an ooma unit connected to a broadband Internet connection and they're able to make unlimited free calls in the U.S. using ooma's advanced Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology. Ooma offers two important advantages compared to other VOIP offerings: 1) superior voice quality and 2) no monthly service fees. Ooma's Chief Marketing Officer, Rich Buchanan, puts it this way: "Just as consumers transformed the functionality of their television through TiVo® and their music with the iPod, they can reinvent the way they use their home phone with an ooma system."

The M2M Challenge

Ooma wanted potential buyers to experience the ooma quality advantage for themselves. They decided to put kiosks with ooma units in retail sites like Fry's and Best Buy so shoppers could make actual phone calls using the ooma solution. However, getting access to each store's network/broadband Internet service was almost impossible. What's more, provisioning separate DSL lines in multiple stores across multiple states promised to be a costly and time-consuming process:

The M2M Solution

Ooma turned to CradlePoint and the CTR350 Mobile Broadband Travel Router. Ooma's retail field force vendor, ChannelForce, had been using CradlePoint solutions for ad hoc demonstrations in stores. "The ChannelForce demonstrations were so successful, we decided to expand the demos and formalize the process so that we could reach more shoppers," explains ooma's VP of Marketing, Tami Bhaumik.

Ooma ran tests in Los Angeles and Texas markets to evaluate how a self-serve kiosk featuring the ooma unit—with Internet connectivity provided by a CradlePoint router—would work. The tests were successful and now ooma has self-service kiosks in 70 Fry's and Best Buy stores. Each kiosk contains a standard phone plugged into an ooma unit. The ooma unit is connected to a CTR350, which is hidden inside the kiosk. The CTR350 accesses the Internet via a USB modem and Sprint's mobile broadband network.

The M2M Benefits

"The self-serve kiosks give us the opportunity to change minds at the point of purchase," Tami says. "They've had a tremendous impact on sales. For example, at one store, weekly sales have increased over 300%."

Tami continues: "With the CradlePoint, a kiosk is basically a self-contained unit that is literally plug-and-play. We don't have to deal with the store or IT issues at all. It's made our merchandising strategy very easy to implement."

Tami summarizes her thoughts on the CradlePoint solution: "If we were doing this all over, we'd choose CradlePoint routers again in a heartbeat. We have not had a problem. If you want reliability and fail-safe Internet service for your retail kiosk, use a CradlePoint router."

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