Customer Engagement Technology World 2012: November 07, 2012

Shared on June 18, 2012 written by Josh Hines via CETW

Why Customer Engagement Technology World? Because only at CETW can you discover the secrets behind an integrated technology approach to customer engagement. The solutions that will take you there may include mobile, tablets, CRM, self-service, digital signage and so much more! 

Your customers consume information and purchase items in an omni-channel format. Your customers engage with each other and their favorite brands in new ways every day. Your customers value peer-to-peer recommendations and reviews. Your customers are your newest brand advocates. Ensuring their experience is top-notch and critical to engaging these on-the-go, connected consumers. 

CETW is the only face-to-face event that is focused on leveraging the integration of emerging media across multiple channels to activate customer engagement. Only at CETW will you get a first-hand look at emerging technologies, access to case studies and experience from brands, agencies and other thought-leaders across the industry. 

So get ready, roll up your sleeves and experience the newest technologies and innovative thinking behind some of today's multi-channel campaigns and experiences.

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