In-Car Video Project Development Whitepaper

Shared on December 20, 2011 written by USAT Corp.

With Thanks to the Eugene Police Commission

Over the past several months, several video system vendors have demonstrated their products to a group of Eugene Police Department staff and several Police Commission members. Additionally, site visits to other communities that have successfully implemented in-car video systems in their organizations, most notably Yakima and Seattle, Washington, have been conducted.

Confident that highly functioning video systems are in place and having identified a potential funding source, the department is moving forward with a proposal to outfit its patrol vehicles with digital cameras. In total, the purchase of 41 cameras would be necessary to equip all officer and supervisor patrol vehicles (this would not include school resource or airport officers, detectives, or command staff). It is estimated that each unit will cost about $7500 installed. This cost estimate does not include hardware and software needed for uploading and storage, or on-going staffing needs.

Download In-Car Video Project Development Whitepaper (PDF)


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