M2M Summit 2012: September 05, 2012

Shared on June 18, 2012 written by Josh Hines via M2M Summit

The M2M Alliance e.V. can look back with pride on a successful M2M Summit 2011. 450 participants, 11 sponsors and 34 exhibitors demonstrated that the exchange of information between devices has become a central theme for many businesses, for example in mobility, energy management, automation and logistics.

Meanwhile, the success of the M2M Summit 2011 has shown how important this event has become in machine-to-machine communication. So it goes on in 2012!

The machine-to-machine industry is booming and behind the acronym M2M there lies far more than the wireless exchange of information between different devices. M2M is now a billion dollar market that is about to conquer the world and change it. M2M technologies have already advanced far into our daily lives. "The Internet has so far been an Internet for the people, but it is becoming more and more an Internet for machines" explained Chris Ward, Senior Manager M2M at Telefonica Germany.

In 2012, thanks to the sponsors, admission for conference participants will again be free.

We will keep you up-to-date in the coming months. Don't miss your chance to apply and have your presentation included in the program. You can already register as a sponsor or exhibitor as well.

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