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Shared on October 31, 2008 written by USAT CORP

Chapel Hill, N.C., October 31, 2008: USAT Corporation, a wireless systems integrator, is pleased to announce that on Friday, October 31, 2008, we will be integrating a public web store ordering portal into our corporate Web site. The new integrated Web site will remain at domain The current USAT Web Store will now be pointed over to the new integrated Web site.

USAT's corporate directive since 2005 has been to completely converge our operations, and this new structuring of our web presence is another step toward achieving complete convergence. The new location for the web store site will allow for more frequent updates via batch upload operations to the online product catalog and more accurate invoicing for our customers. Please note, our work-flow will change in order to protect our client's sensitive financial information and ensure accuracy on all web store orders. Credit card information for orders will be delivered to USAT inside sales representative verbally--not via the Internet. This information will be exchanged during a customer service phone call initiated by USAT. Also during this phone call, the web store order will be confirmed as correct. USAT's billing policy is that orders will be invoiced at the time that products are shipped.

About USAT

USAT Corp, a privately held company headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC, is a field communications systems integrator that specializes in ruggedized computers, reliable wireless data communication systems, and technology installation services. As part of USAT's wireless offering, USAT provides wireless WAN modems and activations and installations. Since USAT's clients often contend with harsh environmental factors during day-to-day operations, USAT makes it a priority to provide technology solutions built on durable, industry-tested hardware. A full-service hardware partner, USAT provides and installs ruggedized laptops, handhelds, printers, data modems, GPS receivers and specialized antennas into vehicles and non-traditional work environments. USAT also offers client services focused on helping companies successfully manage a large deployment of communications technology into vehicle fleets or remote locations. Smart Workers, Smart Machines, Smart Grids.

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