Power Outages And Heat Waves: Where's The Smart Grid?

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The storms that hit the East Coast a week ago, leaving millions without power as temperatures soared, have plenty wondering when, whether and how a smarter grid could have, would have, should have made a difference. Below are observations on that topic from some industry insiders. But we’re also hoping you will use the Talk Back comment form at the bottom of the story to tell us what you think.

Writing on the S&C Electric blog, Mike Edmonds makes the case for interoperability to maximize the benefits of smart grid technology and reduce the duration of power outages and increase grid capacity. One way to do this, he says, is to achieve interoperability between automatic reconfiguration systems and volt/var optimization systems. As he explains on the blog:

Discovery News offers some interesting perspectives, including these from:

On the Center for American Progress site, Richard W. Caperton and Adam James note that Americans lose power an average of 214 minutes per year, compared to 21 minutes in Germany and just 6 minutes in Japan. Among the solutions they suggest are:

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