Saks Connects To Shoppers With In Store WiFi

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Saks Fifth Avenue has launched AT&T Wi-Fi at all 44 store locations nationwide, as part of a corporate initiative to create a more connected, interactive shopping experience for customers.

Saks Connects To Shoppers With In Store WiFi

The AT&T Wi-Fi network connects shoppers with mobile tools such as the new Saks Fifth Avenue app, which offers features such as shareable wish lists, fashion look books, event calendars and more. With the ease of AT&T Wi-Fi, AT&T customers with select Wi-Fi enabled devices will auto-authenticate to the in-store Wi-Fi service, so frequent shoppers will be automatically connected to Saks Fifth Avenue's Wi-Fi each time they re-visit the store.

Saks Fifth Avenue first launched AT&T Wi-Fi at its flagship store in New York City in November 2011, and has expanded the availability to more stores on an on-going basis. Since the initial launch, Wi-Fi users have made more than five million connections to the in-store network.

The Saks Fifth Avenue NYC Flagship store is the most popular place to connect with more than 1.5 million connections made to the in-store Wi-Fi network. The retailer has found that shoppers average more than 19,000 connections per day to the in-store Wi-Fi network, and have exchanged more than 17 million MB of data traffic to date, while debating purchasing decisions and sharing new looks. During the December 2011 holiday season, in-store Wi-Fi usage increased more than 30%, with about half a million connections.

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