Sierra Wireless ALEOS 4.3.0 Release Notes

Shared on July 24, 2012 written by David Lamb

This is the 4.3.0 Release for the LS and GX platforms.
FULL upgrade is required.

New Features:
LS300: Baseline hardware support added.
GX440: MC7700 AT&T Module support added.
ALEOS: Application Framework production release on all GX/LS hardware.
MVNO Support for C-Spire and Pioneer Wireless - OTASP support.

Relevant Engineering Bug Fixes:
at*appwdog is broken.
VPN: IPsec server cannot reach the device or the host (PC) behind the device after tunnel establishment.
VPN: Tunnels do not get established automatically.
AirLink AF disable and Serial Port reserved disabled.
Data Usage: Limit the data plan to integer value through ACEmanager.
AT*CELLINFO2 command is not available in ALEOS 4.2.

Known Customer Issues:
Confusion regarding GX4xx DeviceID/RAP IP value against what appears on the GX4xx label.
Lack of Service indicator on GX400/440 LEDs causes difficulty for our VAR/customers.
GX440 activation issues when using a VZW APN that allows for a static IP address.
Default reset should not disable AVMS.
Limited Data Usage implementation in LinuxALEOS products.
SNMP Data Traffic usage.
DCD/DSR on GX400 RS232 port does not function properly.
GX400 DUN support.
Eth port drop at change of cell connection state.

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