Smart Grids 2012 Madrid Spain: September 19, 2012

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ACI's Smart Grids 2012 is the opportune platform to convene with senior executives from the utilities industry, TSOs, DNOs, energy retailers, aggregators as well as technology providers to discuss ways of achieving smart transmission and distribution across the value chain.

The conference will have a heavy focus on case study examples of smart grid projects across the globe, discussing their business cases & models, innovative technologies utilized and the main challenges faced by each project and their approaches.

The Key Areas Of Discussion For The Event

Why You Cannot Miss This Event

The two day conference will comprise a series of informative formal presentations from senior industry executives and experts, panel discussions encouraging information exchange between you and your peers and excellent networking opportunities allowing you to maximize the productivity of your days at the event.

Who Will Attend

Leading utilities and energy retailers including: managers and directors of smart grids, smart meters, data management, technical, network development, distributions, innovations and strategic project managers as well as business development executives from technical service providers, consultants and regulators.

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