TransForumWest 2012: July 25, 2012

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Connecting the people who connect electric power

TransForum West brings together electric transmission executives who operate, plan, build, regulate and invest in electric power transmission systems in Western North America. Attend TransForum West to:

Immerse Yourself In Critical Content

TransForum West focuses on the most critical issues facing our industry today. Delivered by the electric power transmission industry's heaviest hitters, the presentations, discussions and conversations that take place across the two days of this regional conference will enlighten you and prepare you for the future.

Conference agenda highlights include: compliance with FERC Order 1000, independent transmission in California, planning and cost allocations, advanced transmission technology, renewables integration, project risk management, and much more.

Surround Yourself With Industry Leaders

TransForum West attendees are the industry's most important leaders. Their voices shape the industry and drive it forward. They include the partners you need and the peers you respect. Be part of this group! Lend your voice to the key discussions about the future of electric transmission.

Gather Intelligence About Ongoing Transmission Projects In Western North America

Presenters will share lessons learned from electric transmission projects that are currently under way, or that have ended successfully and unsuccessfully. For every project completed, there are a multitude of lessons and experiences to share TransForum West is the place to hear them!

Nowhere else can you get electric transmission content so regionally focused. TransForum West is the event of the year for transmission executives in Western North America.

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