What Is M2M?

Shared on October 08, 2012 written by USAT CORP

In the commercial wireless data world, M2M represents Machine-To-Machine Communications. M2M is the realm of enabling any (and all!) devices to share their measurements, alerts, and sensed environments with other devices or with a controlling host.

For USAT's clients, M2M frequently involves the use of an intelligent wireless gateway or router, commonly referred to as a modem. This M2M modem gathers data from sensors directly connected to it, or acts as an 'aggregation point' and collects or aggregates data from a network of local sensors. The M2M modem then 'routes' the data to a cloud based data repository (such as Amazon data services, iDigi cloud, AirVantage, Rackspace cloud servers and other cloud services USAT provides) or directly to a controller or server located at a data center. These servers analyze the data and may automatically issue actions to the intelligent M2M modems, they may also send alerts to humans if a sensor detects an anomalous reading, or they may create trending reports for humans to review.

Major M2M modem manufacturers include Sierra Wireless Airlink, Digi International, Red Lion Sixnet Bluetree, Encore, CalAmp, Cradlepoint, and MultiTech (in no particular order). USAT Corp. can help you navigate the differences as each manufacturer has distinct differences that are advantageous in various applications.

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