AT&TAT&T and LoJack Corporation, a leader in vehicle theft recovery and cutting-edge fleet management solutions, announced a partnership to power LoJack’s current and future telematics solutions. This partnership coalesces both companies commitment to providing machine-to-machine and telematics solutions to automotive and fleet industries.

According to Business Insider Intelligence, over nine billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things by 2018.  Benefits from the Internet of Things movement – including better operational efficiency, improved customer service and increased profitability – are increasing the demand for companies of all sizes to integrate these sophisticated and connected solutions. Working with AT&T will allow LoJack to continue to deliver on its commitment to the safety, security and protection of its customers and their assets with trusted technology that provides businesses with the services and solutions necessary to be profitable in today’s market.

Randy Ortiz, President and CEO of LoJack Corporation, discusses the company’s decision to establish business relations with AT&T.

“As LoJack continues to build on its current portfolio of telematics offerings and our strong history in the automotive industry, we’re excited to collaborate with AT&T to deliver new connected solutions. In an increasingly connected world, both companies can work together to empower businesses with innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency and customer service needs, while also improving driver safety. The safety, security and protection of our customers is paramount to what we do at LoJack, and AT&T’s successful Texting & Driving…It Can Wait campaign is a perfect example of why this collaboration is a natural and compelling fit.”

Chris Penrose, Senior Vice President of IoT at AT&T Mobility, expands on the company’s commitment to furthering the Industrial Internet-of-Things.

“The work we have planned with LoJack is a great example of how the industrial Internet of Things is going to reduce costs and enable exciting new solutions for customers. We’re leading in machine-to-machine connections in North America because we are committed to providing innovative solutions so an enterprise can achieve those goals.”

As the M2M/IoT market continues to advance, AT&T and LoJack are striving to work together in order to increase viable solutions for customers around the world.