140-7230-000Industrial clients sometimes need to monitor PLCs, produced by Allen Bradley and other manufacturers, at disparate remote locations. Communicating with PLCs over the cellular network using a cellular router with VPN capabilities is a very viable solution. The CalAmp Vanguard 3000 is a cellular router that can be configured to act as a PPTP VPN server. Then using a computer from a remote location, one can establish a VPN connection with the remote site. Once that PPTP VPN connection is established it is like the computer is actually on the LAN at the remote site and one can communicate with, control, and program the PLC at the remote site.

The CalAmp Vanguard 3000 (part number 140-7230-000) is a cellular device and must be provisioned with a cellular plan to communicate. USAT Corp. offers a packaged service–which includes cellular network airtime and other services–called Express M2M, that can be procured in conjunction with the Vanguard 3000. USAT Corp. is able to waive the $500 fee associated with securing a static IP from Verizon Wireless, when Express M2M is procured. If interested in learning more about the CalAmp Vanguard 3000 and Express M2M please contact USAT Corp. for information.