CalAmp Vanguard 3000Many utilities are concerned with NERC CIP compliance and are looking for proactive ways to add redundancy to their machine-to-machine communication strategy. The CalAmp Vanguard 3000 is definitely worth a look. This 3G cellular modem/router’s ability to auto-switch between cellular networks enables a single radio to be used across multiple carriers providing simplicity, seamless integration and the lowest cost solution when communication redundancy is desired.

There are three configurable triggers for auto-switching

  1. RSSI falls below threshold
  2. ECIO falls below threshold
  3. Connection drops for x minutes

If any of the triggers are hit switchover from once cellular carrier to another, for example Verizon Wireless to AT&T, is not instantaneous. Switchover takes approximately 60 seconds. Please note that network connection down during this time—so this precludes the use of this unit for control situations, but still makes it very viable for monitoring and data acquisition applications.

When on a network that has been set up as secondary, the CalAmp Vanguard 3000 will attempt to reconnect to the primary network after a designated period of time.

The CalAmp Vanguard 3000 offers multi-carrier communications at a very affordable price point. If an application can sustain the approximately 60-second downtime, this is a very viable solution.

The CalAmp Vanguard 3000 comes in two models: