New features are constantly added to the NetCloud Platform through the continuous deployment of services: NetCloud Manager (NCM), NetCloud Perimeter (NCP), and NetCloud Operating System (NCOS). For a complete list of recent updates, please see the Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Release Notes.

This month’s new features include:

NetCloud Platform Features Available in the following: How Does this Help?
NetCloud Manager    
Device Dashboard Update:

  • Device license and expiration information
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade device licenses
  • Device license change no longer requires a reboot (NCOS 7.0)


All Essentials packages and all

NetCloud Manager Standard, Prime, and Enterprise subscriptions

Provides customer with the quick and easy ability to review, upgrade, or downgrade a device license based on availability.


NCOS 7.0 provides:    
NOCS update available for all FIPS Solution Packages NCOS 7.0 NCOS 7.0 is a FIPS-supported firmware release and updates FIPS customers to current features and functionality
Wireless Packet Capture for AP22 NCOS 7.0 Extends this capability to the AP22
CP Secure Web Filter policies can now easily be applied to multiple VLANs NCOS 7.0 Improved customer usability
Security feature updates:

  • Default admin and WiFi password updated for routers and APs (full 14 of serial #) for all new shipments (no devices in the field will see this change).
  • Tech support mode will timeout automatically after 15 minutes, and will turn off after reboot.
  • Each device now generates a unique SSH server host key upon initial-boot/factory-reset.
  • Advanced Security Mode and Ban IP Address on the System are enabled to lock out attacker after numerous failed authentication attempts.
  • NCM users provisioned with multifactor authentication.
NCOS 7.0 Cradlepoint’s focus on providing secure solutions is heightened with this NCOS release and these enhancements.