New features added in this release

(Not all features are in all products – see their respective Data Sheets)

  • (IBR900) Allow WiFi-as-WAN and WiFi Client to attach to a Hidden SSID
  • Added support for the Verizon Global Modem USB730L
  • Multi-IMSI SIM support. Added option to Connection Manager > profile/interface > Edit > Modem>Show Advanced Settings>Extend Connect Time. This option defines the amount of time given to the SIM system to change to another IMSI before suspending the connection
  • LP6, LP5, LPE, LP3, LP2, LP, LE. Added Physical Cell ID (PCI) to modem status
  • NCP Full Tunnel Support
    • Pass all unicast traffic from LAN connect clients to NCP
    • Add new configuration element to Config DTD on the Router
    • Add CP router support to gatun-common Router Manager
    • Add new user configuration to UI on ECM
    • Add support for subordinate CAs in StrongSwan


Additionally, this release addresses:

  • security vulnerabilities discovered in the “dnsmasq” network service – VIEW ARTICLE
  • security vulnerabilities discovered in the WPA and WPA2 Vulnerabilities (KRACK) – VIEW ARTICLE

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