netcloudCradlepoint releases NetCloud OS (NCOS) version 6.4.3 for IBR900, IBR950, IBR900-FIPS and IBR950-FIPS. NCOS version 6.4.3 is available through Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager, One button automatic update through the router interface, or through the Cradlepoint Connect Portal for manual updates.  For more detail on this new NetCloud OS version, please refer to the release notes.

Additionally, Cradlepoint has posted new LP4 modem firmware (3.13.151600 for Verizon and 2.11.151600 for AT&T and others); NCOS version 6.4.2 is required to update to this version of modem firmware on all Cradlepoint routes using an LP4 modem. For more information on how to update modem firmware for your LP4 devices, click here.

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