Products supported/tested:

AER3100/AER3150 AER2200

AER2100 AER1600/AER1650 AP22

CBA850 CR4250 IBR1700

IBR1100/IBR1150 IBR900/IBR950 IBR600B/IBR650B IBR600C/IBR650C IBR200


New features added in this release (Not all features are in all products – see their respective Data Sheets):

  • We made improvements to the router logging The log level for an individual service can be controlled so that you see more messages in a system you are interested in.


Additional UI/Usability changes:

  • A new welcome screen was added to the UI once the admin has logged It helps direct the admin to connect to NCM if a connection has not been made and it helps the admin to go to their NCM account to better manage the router. If the admin needs to make a simple configuration change or status check at the individual router, there is a field on the welcome page to direct the admin to the local UI.
  • Renamed “VPN Networks” to “Auto VPN Networks”

Defects fixed:

  • AER22x0/IBR1700 only. Addressed connection stability of MC400-600M-C when both embedded modem and MC400 modem are in
  • If the “Prepend ID” checkbox was checked in GPS’s “Send-to-Server”, “Send-to- Client”, or “Send-to-Serial” configuration for NMEA sentences, then the OBD-II NMEA sentences would be dropped.
  • AP22 not reporting 5GHz SSIDs when doing a wireless scan from NetCloud Manager
  • IBR1100/IBR600B. Fixed Wireless Bridge mode
  • WiFi as WAN: Fixed the need for a reboot when configuring WiFi as WAN the first time
  • Fixed a problem causing lockups on the CR4250 when configured to use NHRP
  • Fixed a problem where a hash entry in a tunnel config could cause NCM to reject the router configuration
  • Fixed a problem with the router not being able to establish an NCM connection
  • Fixed a problem where a Traffic Steering (previously WAN Affinity) rule without failover selected would block other traffic on failover
  • Telnet to Serial stops after a few hours of use
  • Known working GPS antenna works with IBR900 but has intermittent results with the IBR1700.
  • When in Advanced Security Mode and authentication was set to RADIUS, local credentials were still being accepted via the API
  • Fixed a problem where the marks for dynamic vti anonymous responder hub was not generated
  • The feature allowing whitelisting of custom URLs in CP Secure Web filter was not working
  • Removed Auto VPN Networks menu. Feature is not applicable to platform.

Security issues:

  • Session tokens were not being immediately invalidated after logging out of the router UI


Known issues

  • None