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“Don’t be afraid to get in on the action if you see a good opportunity.”
.-Beverly McRae
Co-founder of Utility Safety Accessories & Technology Corporation (USAT)
In her former job as salesperson in the 1990s, Beverly would ride along with electrical linemen in their bucket trucks to understand their challenges and see how she could help them be safer. An insight led her to start her own business, now going 20 years strong.
Beverly realized that linemen were using cumbersome maps of the power grid infrastructure. They clearly needed something more efficient. At the time, computers and laptops were evolving. And the idea for Beverly’s business was born: providing durable computers with digital maps. In 1996, Beverly started the company in Chapel Hill, NC, with her now-husband Keith.
The ride that paved a new road.
USAT has since evolved. Today they implement wireless communications solutions that enable companies’ critical operations to work more efficiently. For example, with real-time information, utilities can better respond to problems and outages on the grid. Twenty five people now work for the company, including employees from Bermuda and Hawaii.
Beverly is proud that her company has played a role in modernizing the power grid. “Even though we are a bit player, we are still a player,” she says.
Early on, it wasn’t uncommon for Beverly to receive subtle questions about her commitment to the business. “As if being a woman meant you weren’t as invested in your work,” she says. Those questions have gone by the wayside.
On being in a male-dominated field.
Today’s challenges involve the speed at which technology evolves. “Our clients might use new technology to move in a direction that I haven’t thought of yet. It’s both exciting and scary.”
On starting your own business
Consistently execute work your clients can count on.
Don’t be afraid to get in on the action if you see a good opportunity.

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