en-4000Encore Networks, an M2M leader for fixed and wireless communications, has announced the availability of its patented Selective Layer Encryption (SLE) feature in the EN-4000 broadband router. SLE is an encryption technology that allows the secure connection of satellite networks with terrestrial links as part of a valuable, end-to-end VPN solution. SLE fully interoperates with all satellite modems from leading vendors. Unlike traditional VPN solutions that can result in slow performance over satellite connections, SLE supports high-speed connectivity over TCP-based applications.

Peter Madsen, President of Encore Networks, believes this new feature will help propel more growth across the M2M sector. “To meet the growth in demand for high capacity satellite network connectivity coupled with true end-to-end security, Encore has ported its SLE technology onto the EN-4000. As the need for M2M technologies grows I anticipate, Encore will keep pace as a majority of these connections require economic and efficient routers,” said Madsen.

The EN4000 is a powerful device that comes equipped with a standards-based Linux operating system, configurable user interface, multiple AC/DC and redundant power options, multiple serial/Ethernet ports and an optional hardened enclosure. The EN-4000 is expected to increase VPN tunnel throughput to over 10MB per tunnel while fully encrypting sensitive data from end-to-end with negligible overhead on average. The device is ideal for satellite providers and end-users in need of a true end-to-end IPSec VPN solution.

The EN-4000 is designed for high-availability M2M applications in fixed or portable locations supporting verticals, such as first responders/public safety, oil and gas, as well as utilities and government. Ideal applications for the EN-4000 include business continuity, video analytics, and remote access in places where traditional networks are challenging to reach or provision.

As an early adopter of SLE technology, the California-based provider of Enterprise class satellite communications, IP Access International, has approved the EN-4000™ for Distributed Enterprise and M2M applications on their satellite network.

Bill Pitz, VP of Technology of IP Access International, believes the SLE feature significantly enhances the capabilities of the EN-4000. “The EN-4000 with SLE has consistently exhibited maximum throughput capabilities in both satellite and hybrid networks while optimizing the performance of key applications. Benchmark tests have confirmed that SLE overcomes performance degradation and supports encryption and VPN capabilities at maximum link speed,” said Pitz.

Bryan Hill, CEO of IP Access International, thinks SLE offers many benefits to end users. “From a customer perspective, SLE allows IP Access to deliver the secure VPN connection required without sacrificing the high throughput performance customers expect on the IP Access Network,” explained Hill.

As the M2M/IoT market continues to expand its offerings of diverse, cutting-edge technology, Encore Networks remains committed to providing the most updated features across its wide-range of devices.