Sim Door on IBR1700 and AER2200


SIM Door on IBR1700 and AER2200 

Products Supported: IBR1700 and AER2200

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The IBR1700 and AER2200 do not have the same sim door function that you would find on other Cradlepoint models. There is a GPIO attached to the SIM door that triggers a soft shutoff of the modem when the SIM door is opened. Note that the router stays on. Only the modem shuts off when the SIM door is opened.

The SIM slots in these Cradlepoint products are designed to accept “Mini-SIM” cards, also referred to as a “2FF”. These “Mini-SIM” cards measure 25.0mm x 15.0mm x 0.76mm.

User-added image

Please note: the smaller “micro-SIM” (3FF; 15.0mm x 12.0mm x 0.76mm) and “nano-SIM” (4FF; 12.3mm x 8.8mm x 0.67mm) cards will NOT fit in the Cradlepoint’s SIM card slot. Cradlepoint cannot guarantee correct modem operation if a micro or nano SIM is used with an adapter.

Correct Installation

  • SIM is installed gold-side up, as indicated below:
  • Slide the SIM into the notch, as indicated below:
Slide in
  • When SIM is correctly inserted, it will look as indicated below:


Incorrect Installation

  • It is possible to insert the SIM card below the SIM tray. This is an incorrect installation and the SIM will not function. The image below shows incorrect installation of the SIM:
Incorrect Installation
  • If the SIM door is not properly closed, the System Logs will generate the following notification:

Additional Information

In our previous products the SIM door interlock was a hard switch that removed all power from the router (and modem) if the door was even opened or off. Removing power would be sudden and we had no way to prepare for it, which leaves a small chance of bricking the modem or router. Then if the SIM door wasn’t replaced there was an obvious issue that needed to be addressed immediately.

Our new SIM door interlock is much smarter as it is connected to a GPIO that our Netcloud OS can read to trigger a graceful shutdown of the modem only. This removes the remote risk of bricking router and/or modem.

An unintended consequence is that if the SIM door is off the router appears to boot and/or be working – only the modem will not boot and begin working.

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