sprintGemalto, a leading digital security company, has just announced a new initiative to enhance M2M connectivity across the United States. The company has decided to certify the Gemalto Cinterion® PCS3 module on the Sprint network. This new product is designed to provide superior efficiency in applications such as mHealth monitoring, fleet and asset tracking and smart home solutions.

The new Cinterion PCS3 has been optimized for Sprint’s M2M-enhanced Band Class 10 network. The Sprint Band 10 network provides universal and reliable coverage across the U.S. It increases overall efficiency by expanding the wireless range and providing better coverage for hospitals, clinics, in-home usage and remote device applications. In addition, it also improves environmental sustainability.

Mohamad Nasser, Director of Product, Platforms and Marketing for Sprint’s Emerging Solutions Group, believes collaborating with Gemalto is an excellent decision for the company.

“Collaborating with Gemalto is a key part of Sprint’s Machine-to-machine strategy. Sprint is committed to supporting the specific data needs of our M2M customers via reduced cost-barriers and increased operability. Gemalto’s solution is uniquely compatible with Sprint’s updated network providing superior in-building penetration and increased rural coverage, making it ideal for utility and security applications,” said Nasser.

Paul Kobos, Head of M2M Sales for Gemalto North America, also believes Gemalto’s partnership with Sprint is a step in the right direction.

“With 250 million devices projected to be in the field globally by the end of 2014², Gemalto’s long-life product strategy helps ensure Sprint’s M2M clients’ investments are optimized,” “Gemalto’s solution brings a high-performance power management system, extending the battery life up to ten times for compact devices.”

As the IoT and M2M market continues to expand significantly, Sprint and Gemalto are helping to find new and exciting ways for clients to stay connected across the nation.