There Is An
Upgrade Path For the CalAmp Fusion Modem to FirstNet B14

vehicular router platform is capable of operating on a carrier network as well
as on the next generation public safety LTE  communications network

This ruggedized WWAN network device gives  critical infrastructure users a great
opportunity to extend the lifecycle of a vehicle router well into the future
for a minimal increase in price.  The FUSION firmware today is capable of
dual (RF module) radio, concurrent multi WAN operation and can be field
upgraded by adding the Public Safety 700MHz radio module (second WAN) with a
CALAMP field upgrade kit.  CALAMP in the very near term upon FIRSTNET/FCC
approval will provide the radio module in the FUSION device at the time of
initial sale to offer a USAT customer the opportunity to choose another option
to field upgrade at a later data.   The new SKUs and kit pricing
will be released sometime in the near future.