Sierra Wireless M2M Wireless Devices

The AirLink™ family of intelligent wireless gateways and routers from Sierra Wireless offers customers solutions for various industrial, enterprise and in-vehicle applications. AirLink devices are designed for use in mission critical applications, where reliability and security are essential. Learn more about Sierra Wireless.

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16 Families Available

Advantages of Sierra Wireless AirLink Gateways and Routers

Reliability: Since 1993, the AirLink product line has solved complex data needs with easy to deploy and manage solutions. Once deployed, AirLink devices are designed to stay online, making them ideal for a host of mission-critical applications.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: Our suite of AirLink software tools enable customers to get started right out of the box by easily configuring their devices. Once deployed, ALEOS and our software tools allow for comprehensive remote management and configuration.

Embedded Intelligence: AirLink intelligent gateways and routers are powered by ALEOS™ embedded intelligence. ALEOS intelligence enables cellular session persistence, robust remote management, control and configuration, as well as a broad set of application services optimized for various vertical market solutions.

Custom Programmability: AirLink Fastrack™ Programmable Gateways, supported by our suite of Sierra Wireless software provide a platform for customers and integrator to build their own, or other 3rd applications onto the Fastrack devices.

Durable Design: All AirLink devices are designed and tested to meet the needs of enterprise and industrial applications. All devices feature durable enclosures and many are certified for use in extreme environments.

Robust Management: Sierra Wireless AirLink now offers AirVantage Management Service (AVMS). The next generation of AceNet, AVMS is a top-of-its-class intelligent modem management platform. For more information about AVMS or to set up a free AVMS demonstration account; also feel free to view the pricing for AVMS.