In some rural regions of the USA, US Cellular provides the best coverage. One of USAT’s agricultural clients uses an advanced system for drying their crops. The back end of this industrial drying system requires a fixed publicly routable IP address, typically a static IP. US Cellular currently does not have this capability as a part of their 4G offering (that will become available in 2017.) However, USAT Corp. was not willing to leave this farm unserved. In partnership with U. S. Cellular, USAT Corp. was able to fulfill the special IP addressing needs of the customer’s application, using USAT’s own dynamic DNS system. USAT developed a workaround to the 4G LTE static IP problem and proved that with the right tools, the right results can be harvested. US Cellular clients who need 4G LTE static IP-like functionality can call USAT Corp. and our consultative, service oriented team just might have a fix.


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