Dan Drinkwalter, USAT’s TOLA regional account manager, was wrapping up a two-week vacation to Medellin, Colombia when Hurricane Irma hit. The tragic damage to Southern Florida disrupted plane flights out of Colombia and Dan’s flight was rescheduled for a week out. Dan was highly motivated to return to work and contacted George Cook, USAT’s network administrator, for ideas about how he could securely connect back to the corporate VPN.  Luckily, USAT’s technical team had recently deployed Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Engine. Within five minutes, Dan had a secure network connection to USAT’s corporate Intranet on his Panasonic Toughbook and the resources he needed to work effectively from a remote location. This made Dan, Dan’s clientele, and Dan’s manager very happy.

Here is the story in Dan’s own words:

The last half day in Medellin, we had to check out of our hotel at noon and our flight was late, so worked from…ahem… emergency remote office in my wife’s apartment there, that is undergoing COMPLETE RENOVATION! The visual amused my wife so she took this photo.  Key notes:

  • I’m sitting in a dusty apartment on another continent
  • My office furniture is the microwave waiting to be installed in the kitchen, and the contractors step stool
  • Working with Panasonic Toughbook, iPhone and a cheapo Logitech headset purchased the preceding weekend
  • Piggybacking on the neighbor’s less than optimal Wi-Fi


  • None of the above mattered because all worked flawlessly over Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Engine VPN
  • Yo traboje bien en Sur America para Cradlepoint Netcloud VPN. Viva Cradlepoint…!!!