M2M Networking Solutions:

As dependence on internet communication increase, consumers, government and business officials are becoming less accepting of connectivity disruptions. Recent business management decisions regarding regulatory requirements and crisis emergency situation risks are compelling the expansion of fixed cellular broadband capabilities. The increase of reliability and the expansion of wireless internet are causing more companies to implement secondary networks to ward off potential risks with fixed line deployments. Wireless internet access is a practical option for businesses and consumers located in areas where hardwire connections prove inconvenient or too expensive to provision.

At USAT, we offer M2M solutions to clients at a competitive price. While T1 connectivity offers an availability rate at 99.95 percent, the rate is costly for companies investing in internet connections across multiple business locations. Productivity and customer satisfaction can suffer significantly when systems malfunction and connectivity goes awry. We provide numerous opportunities to maximize internet connectivity with 3G/4G failover.

3G / 4G failover delivers the non-stop Internet access you need to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively. Additional benefits of 3G/4G failover include: greater mobility, productivity, cloud computing, availability levels and overall security. At USAT, we understand it’s important to stay connected. Let us help you decide what strategies will work best for you.


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