Cradlepoint recently released NetCloud OS version 6.5, an update that includes some important security and troubleshooting enhancements.

    • Threat Management Enhancement*: New anomaly detection capabilities improve the detection of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and other polymorphic attacks.
    • Persistent Logging*: Routers now preserve event logs after reboots to aid with advanced troubleshooting.
    • SIM Door Lock*: SIM door must be locked in place before embedded or integrated modem will power up.
    • End of USB Modem Support: to improve security and ensure superior LTE connections and performance, the following router series will not support use of USB modems beginning with NCOS version 6.5 and higher:
      • AER2200
      • IBR1700
      • IBR9x0
      • IBR6x0B
      • IBR6x0C
      • IBR200

View the full release notes here.