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Digi International Security Notice OpenSSL "Heartbleed"

Shared on April 17, 2014 written by Digi International under Digi International News

Overview: On April 7th, a critical security vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160), nicknamed “Heartbleed,” was discovered in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library. The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the vulnerability and the steps necessary to remediate this issue. If exploited, this vulnerability could allow attackers to monitor all information passed between a user and a web service or decrypt past traffic they’ve collected. More details can be found here: Heartbleed.com Digi International reports that their Transport line, Connect WAN line, ConnectPort WAN line, and the ConnectPort X (specifically X2, X4, X4H, X5) are not vulnerable to Heartbleed. However, there are several Digi product lines that will need remediation. Read the full text of the notice here Digi HeartBleed Notice and more key information here Digi Security...

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What Are Digi TransPort WR21 Power Saving Modes?

Shared on April 03, 2014 written by USAT Corp. under Digi International News

This information is provided by Bill Word, Sales Engineer for Digi International. You can reduce the amount of power a Digi TransPort WR21 consumes. This is useful for solar/battery powered applications and where the WR21 might only be communicating to a serial device, or you want to “wake up” the TransPort at a certain time by using a Python script to turn on the cellular module and send data. WR21 firmware release 5169 added a "Low Power" mode. The power control sets up a power profile via the CLI command "pwrctrl". Examples: pwrctrl n cpuspeed (where 0 = High, 1 = Medium, 2 = Low) pwrctrl n leds pwrctrl n eth pwrctrl n gprs (gprs = cellular module) pwrctrl n gps (gps for WR41; not applicable for WR21) where n are profiles 0-3. The unit will boot up in Profile 0. The user can then switch between profiles with the CLI command: pwrctrl n act_rq This takes effect immediately. A Python script could be used to switch between profiles bas...

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New Digi ConnectCore 6 Module Adds Wireless M2M Connectivity To Devices

Shared on March 31, 2014 written by M2MNow under Digi International News

Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA – Digi International has announced ConnectCore 6, the world’s first surface mount multi-chip module with built-in wireless connectivity. The ConnectCore 6 provides access to all of the features of the Freescale i.MX 6 Quad, i.MX 6 Dual and i.MX 6 Solo processors, making it the ideal solution for M2M applications. The module’s small form factor and design, which requires no connectors, reduces manufacturing costs and makes it easier than ever to add wireless capabilities to portable devices. The product was created to reduce design risk, complexity and time to market for those developing products for transportation, security and other industrial applications. The ConnectCore 6 module’s built-in ability to connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and Device Cloud by Etherios can save product designers hundreds of hours of time and expense in designing wireless devices — including the pain of passing and maintaining global certifications. Complete so...

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Digi International Expands Distribution Agreement Globally With Arrow Electronics

Shared on March 12, 2014 written by USAT Corp. under Digi International News

Digi International and Arrow Electronics Inc. today announced they have signed a global distribution agreement expanding their existing successful North American distribution alliance. David West, vice president, semiconductor marketing, Arrow, explains: “Digi offers end-to-end M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions, from embedded products to cloud solutions, that enable customers to remotely manage all machines in their system. Having access to the right mix of products and services is a leading advantage for anybody working to create M2M systems.” Arrow will offer leading Digi embedded products and Device Cloud by Etherios™, which allows any device to communicate with any application anywhere in the world. Previously available to Arrow customers in North America, these solutions now are available globally. “This agreement is a great opportunity to raise awareness of Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M around the world. We believe this extension of our relationship will greatly streng...

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Digi International Introduces TransPort WR11 Cellular Router, Providing Secure Low Cost Connections For Retail And Point-of-Sale Applications

Shared on February 26, 2014 written by USAT Corp. under Digi International News

Digi International today announced the release of the TransPort WR11, a cellular router that provides a secure and reliable connection for retail and point-of-sale applications. The TransPort WR11 connects ATMs, lottery terminals, payment kiosks, vending machines, and digital signs with cellular networks. The WR11, the newest member of the Digi TransPort family, helps retailers and payment network operators increase network uptime and reduce costs associated with disconnected stores and payment terminals. The WR11 offers a unique combination of enterprise routing protocol support, PCI-ready security features, and advanced network management through Device Cloud by Etherios™. Its small form factor and single Ethernet port makes it ideal for point-of-sale environments. With dual SIMs standard, the WR11 offers carrier agility and network redundancy. “M2M is one of the fastest-growing major new segments for service providers. We forecast global revenue from M2M operator services to ...

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