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Making Our MACHINES Smart

Shared on August 17, 2012 written by Kontron under M2M Infographics

With the growing need for smart machines, USAT is a proud leader in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies that help make everyday life more efficient. ...

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The Internet Of Things [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shared on August 17, 2012 written by Dave Evans under M2M Infographics

When we think of being connected to the Internet, our minds immediately shift to our computers, phones, and most recently tablets. This week at Cisco live, I shared that in 2008, the number of devices connected to the Internet exceeded the number of people on Earth. That's right. There are more devices tapping into the Internet than people on Earth to use them. How is this possible? The infographic below provides a visual representation of the increase in "things" connected to the Internet. With this increase, how will you prepare your network for the future? ...

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M2M Infographic - Sizing The M2M Market

Shared on August 17, 2012 written by SAP under M2M Infographics

M2M Infographic - describing the profits of M2M throughout the industry including industry types and locations. ...

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