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Sierra Wireless Releases News: AirLink Gateways Running ALEOS Not Affected By ‘Heartbleed‘

Shared on April 14, 2014 written by Sierra Wireless under Sierra Wireless News

11 April 2014 - This bulletin provides information about the impact of CVE-2014-01601, known as 'Heartbleed‘, on AirLink gateways. AirLink gateways running ALEOS are not affected by the issue described in CVE-2014-0160. If you have any questions regarding CVE-2014-0160 and AirLink devices, please contact USAT any additional questions or support. ...

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Technical Recommendations And Shortcuts For Applying ALEOS Firmware Version 4.3.5

Shared on March 20, 2014 written by USAT Corp. under Sierra Wireless News

USAT has posted a new application note that explains the different paths that are available to update a Sierra Wireless AirLink GX440, GX400, or LS300 device currently running ALEOS 4.3.3 or older to the newest 4.3.5 version of ALEOS that is now available and should be applied. In some cases, there are shortcuts that can be taken when updating from an older version of the ALEOS firmware. Below find a link to the application notes spells the recommended options. Pay special attention to the flowchart for each of the different device groups, GX400, GX440, and LS300 as the flowchart explains what the path choices are for each model and potential short cuts that can save time. Click here for the document AVMS device management software can save your organization a great deal of time in keeping firmware up to date. Contact USAT if you would like more information on AVMS. ...

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Sierra Wireless Brings New Life Into The Raven XT

Shared on March 11, 2014 written by USAT Corp. under Sierra Wireless News

Sierra Wireless has turned back the clock and decided bring the Raven XT back into production. The new Raven XT EVDO Verizon Wireless device has an updated radio module but will essentially be the same device as the original Raven XT launched in 2007. The power draw on the new devices should remain similarly low, making them again ideal for remote solar applications. This is welcome news for anyone with a solar or low power deployment. The Raven XT has been a consistent and reliable choice for many 3G deployments. Important, The Raven XT Sku has changed: Raven XT 2007 SKU: V2227 Raven XT 2014 SKU: V2229T More Information: Raven Data Sheet Available Products: Sierra Wireless Raven XT EVDO Rev A 2014 VZW (incl. DC power cable and 1 year warranty) Sierra Wireless Raven XT EVDO Rev A 2014 VZW (incl. AC power cable and 1 year warranty)...

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Sierra Wireless Completes Acquisition Of In Motion Technology

Shared on March 06, 2014 written by Sierra Wireless under Sierra Wireless News

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Vancouver-based In Motion Technology (“In Motion”) for $21 million US dollars in cash consideration, subject to certain post-closing adjustments. In Motion is a leader in mobile enterprise solutions, providing rugged in-vehicle mobile routers tightly integrated with an advanced mobile-optimized security system and a powerful management and application platform. The complete solution enables organizations to connect and manage mobile operations, vehicles, and workforces more efficiently, reliably and securely. Sierra Wireless and In Motion will together provide the broadest choice of device-to-cloud solutions for enterprise customers, from simple gateways to full featured mobile routers, as well as a comprehensive suite of cloud services and applications. The combined company will hold a strong leadership position and unique capabilities in important growth segments, including publi...

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Tech Mahindra And Sierra Wireless Sign A Global Deal To Provide Turnkey M2M Solutions

Shared on March 03, 2014 written by USAT Corp. under Sierra Wireless News

Sierra Wireless and Tech Mahindra Ltd., a specialist provider of connected solutions, have signed a formal teaming agreement to jointly develop and deploy end-to-end machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions for customers worldwide. The collaboration leverages Sierra Wireless’s device-to-cloud offerings and Tech Mahindra’s system integration and application development expertise. The partners aim to offer cost-effective, turnkey solutions tailored for prospective M2M customers in markets such as energy, transportation, industrial, and healthcare. “Our collaboration with Tech Mahindra leverages our complementary offerings and skill sets to deliver complete M2M solutions that can be deployed within existing IT infrastructures, and extend to new web and mobile applications,” said Jason Krause, senior vice-president, Corporate Development and Marketing for Sierra Wireless. “Customers can rely on our partnership to develop, deploy and support a complete M2M solution on any of the world’s mob...

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