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Sierra Wireless Airlink GX440 For AT&T LTE Shipping In July

Shared on May 25, 2012 written by USAT Corp. under USAT World News

Great news from Sierra Wireless AirLink about the AT&T LTE version of the GX400/GX440. It should be shipping in July 2012....

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By Monitoring Wind Speed Wirelessly A Highway Is Now Safer

Shared on May 23, 2012 written by USAT Corp. under USAT World News

A member of the USAT team recently traveled to Las Vegas to view a stunning example of how M2M communications can make our nation's highways safer. USAT was the connectivity partner for Las Vegas Electric, and supported this company's efforts to design a solution that monitered the wind levels on the highway spanning a Nevada dam. If wind levels, which are monitored real-time using a cellular modem, exceed what is pre-determined to be a safe level, the authorities can act to close the highway. USAT supplied the connectivity device and a turn-key solar power and battery assembly that provided power for the modem (V4228) and the wind speed sensor. The masts used to mount the wind sensors and the photovoltaic panels are mounted right on the side of the dam. As you can tell from the photograph included here, the Las Vegas Electric team was extremely brave to undertake this installation project....

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Verizon Wireless LTE Sim Supply Chain Improvements At USAT

Shared on May 22, 2012 written by USAT Corp. under Verizon Wireless News

In service to our clients who are migrating to VZW LTE modems and network devices, our company, USAT Corp., is often tapped to perform device provisioning as part of our M2M deployment services package (DevProv+). There have been some bumps in the road on the migration to LTE, as our work flow involves tapping an appropriate Verizon Wireless sales professional to provide USAT with activated sims prior to device programming taking place. This has caused some delays, as it sometimes has taken weeks for LTE sims to arrive at USAT. The good news is that and Verizon Wireless and USAT have worked to rectify this supply chain issue, and USAT will have sims in hand in early June. This will allow for faster turnarond times on deployment services for the GX440 (1101414) and the CradlePoint IBR600LE. With the Verizon Wireless LTE sims in hand, USAT's deployment services will once again return to our typical quick turnaround times for provisioning services....

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Sierra Wireless GX Series Now Has WiFi

Shared on April 02, 2012 written by USAT Corp. under Sierra Wireless News

Companies who have been considering deploying the Sierra Wireless GX400 or GX440 intelligent gateways in their applications but have been holding off for WiFi capability can start the procurement process. The WiFi X-Card launch has been announced and orders are now being taken for this expansion card (for upgrading existing units) and WiFi-capable versions of the GX400 and GX440. Sierra announced the release with the following description; Utilizing the expansion slot standard in all AirLink GX400 and GX440 intelligent gateways, the Wi-Fi Expansion Card (Wi-Fi X-Card) dramatically increases the capability of the device by providing 802.11b/g/n Access Point (hotspot) or Client Mode functionality. This enables applications for mobile office, temporary office locations, mission critical environments and more. The Wi-Fi X-Card is a standards-based wireless local-area network (WLAN) card, enabling communication with any other WLAN equipped device, including laptops, smartphones, printers...

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Real Estate Tours Using CradlePoint IPads And A Shoulder Bag

Shared on February 14, 2012 written by USAT Corp. under CradlePoint Wireless News

There's a large real estate company close by that conducts their tours of available commercial space using what we think is an interesting and unique method. I'll let them describe how they used a Mobile Broadband Router from CradlePoint, a set of 30 iPads from Apple and an over-the-shoulder laptop bag to get the job done. "We decided to use 30 i-Pads for a presentation using the remote software called Ideaflight. It requires an internet connection to start and then can run on Wi-Fi. This gave us the ability to remotely control the screens of each i-Pad (known as passengers). There was only one problem: the software only allowed 16 total devices per pilot and we quickly experienced issues when two pilots were on the same network. We were doing a tour; we had to have some sort of Wi-Fi that was around us and worked. We found that a CradlePoint Mobile Broadband Router did exactly what we needed for the internet/Wi-Fi connection, and we mobilized it in a bag on battery power. This g...

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