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PCell: Wireless Tech That'll Make Internet 1K Faster Than 4G

Shared on March 19, 2014 written by USAT Corp. under Wireless Industry News

The wireless networks which power our mobile devices seems to be the fastest technology we can have for now, as we cannot think of anything better than them yet. Wireless networks could never be fast enough because they are loaded and used by many. For example, in a crowded area like San Francisco or New York, or when attending a sports event, one can still lose signal despite the technology's advancement efforts. Individual towers cannot just handle thousands of data movement, uploads and downloads requested by thousands of people at the same time. However, a major engineering talent, hopes to change that. The new technology is called pCell and the start-up which works on it is Artemis, a firm founded in 2011. There is a big reason why pCell could jump 4G big time. Just like the other new and disruptive technology, pCell has tons of hypes and vagueness around it. Cell towers are like huge umbrella tops. When deployed, they broadcast reception that gets weaker as the distance from ...

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RootMetrics Issues First-ever National RootScore Report On Consumer Experience Of Mobile Carrier Performance

Shared on March 10, 2014 written by USAT Corp. under Wireless Industry News

RootMetrics, an independent mobile analytics firm, announced today its National RootScore® Report, a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive report on consumer experience of mobile performance across the United States. While visiting all 50 states, RootMetrics drove nearly 220,000 miles, visited 6,300 indoor locations, and collected more than 4.6 million test samples. The new report provides a statistical characterization of nationwide mobile performance and is, quite simply, the most thorough mobile performance study ever undertaken. “There’s a staggering amount of marketing noise out there, making it very easy for consumers to get lost,” said Bill Moore, CEO of RootMetrics. “In such a confusing landscape, consumers are in need of clear, unbiased information. And, that’s exactly what we’re providing with our RootScore Report program. We give depth and transparency to how consumers really experience networks to help people make the most informed decisions about their mobile services.” The...

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How Utilities Are Using Cellular Communications Today

Shared on March 06, 2013 written by Jesse Berst under Wireless Industry News

In the early days of the smart grid, most pioneers used purpose-built RF mesh networks for smart metering and distribution automation. In the past two years, however, cellular technology has emerged as a viable option. But when does cellular really make sense? I decided it was time for an update and so I've scheduled a Lessons from the Real World webinar with experts from Qualcomm and SAIC to learn what utilities are and aren't doing with cellular. (Click the link to reserve a spot and to submit questions in advance.) In researching the webinar, I've learned that cellular is finding a home -- several homes, actually. Here are three cellular deployment strategies that utilities are implementing today in their smart grid programs: Standalone solution. Utilities can now use cellular technology to link directly to meters, or directly to neighborhood concentrators. Consumers Energy is using the former strategy to deploy meters today, as is Texas-New Mexico Power. Targete...

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Pentagon Promises Massive Response To Increasing Cybersecurity Attacks

Shared on January 31, 2013 written by Smart Grid Security under Wireless Industry News

The Pentagon plans to add more than 4,000 people to its efforts to combat the growing number of cyberattacks in the country and to take the offensive against attacks from foreign countries. Increasing the Defense Department's Cyber Command by more than 4,000, well above today's level of 900, will be a challenge, a New York Times article quoted defense officials as saying. The department said officials know that recruiting, training and retaining that many qualified people will be a difficult chore. But, as William J. Lynn III, a former deputy defense secretary, said, "The threat is real and we need to react to it." The Pentagon is planning three different operations under the Cyber Command umbrella: forces that protect the computer systems of the electric grid and infrastructure, another that develops and conducts offensive attacks on adversaries considered threats and a force dedicated to protecting the Pentagon's own computer systems. The Times article said the expansio...

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NetMotion Adds Android Support To Locality Solution

Shared on January 28, 2013 written by Donny Jackson under Wireless Industry News

NetMotion Wireless yesterday announced a new version of its Locality cellular-network performance management software that supports Android and Windows 8 devices, in addition to providing new LTE network-management functionality. Locality is designed to give enterprises visibility into the coverage and performance of commercial wireless carrier networks, which historically have represented a leap of faith for enterprise subscribers, according to Mark Pendolino, senior marketing communications manager for NetMotion Wireless. "There's no visibility into these networks, and they're very critical to operations," Pendolino said during an interview with Urgent Communications. "People are making large investments into the devices, adapter and applications to support those deployments, and it's basically just a huge blind spot for organizations that are trying to manage these connections." Enterprises can get a picture of the coverage and performance their users are receiving from a particu...

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