Poynting Antennas demonstrates full responsibility and certifies its fire-retardant cables used in the production of its antennas and cable assemblies, to the full certification of the MIMO-1 antenna series for EMC ECE R10.04 – E10 mark.

Poynting Antennas is proud to announce that it has received the certificate that all cables used by Poynting Antennas for the MIMO-1 and (new) MIMO-3 Antennas series as well as the following cable assemblies: CAB-118, CAB-119, CAB-124, CAB-121, CAB-122 and CAB-123, meet the ECE R118.2 requirements.

The ECE-R 118 is a directive of the European Union which regulates the flammability of materials in passenger vehicles.  Especially this is a requirement requested by the bus industry.

Poynting antennas already used cable of a quality meeting the requirements specified in this directive. This fact is now confirmed by the positive test and certification conducted by the German certification institute SGE based in Munich.

The Poynting Antennas and cable sets can be used in bus and other vehicle installation without any concern.

You can download the certificate here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13LHL0mXLPCtiwGPxXmsJOY6Yocg6iNUw


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