M2M Wireless Communication Products

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With critical infrastructure organizations placing increased emphasis on effective communication systems, the procurement and deployment of cellular network devices are often a part of a diversified communications strategy. As a respected distributor and systems integrator of industry-tested communications solutions since 1996, USAT supports your mission to always be connected to your fixed, mobile and remote assets.

M2M Wireless Communication Partners

Since launching our WWAN business unit over thirteen years ago, USAT has grown into a leader in the cellular and wireless data integration market. USAT has made our reputation in the wireless arena by providing effective wireless connectivity for mobile computing, machine-to-machine (M2M), and remote monitoring applications using public cellular networks. In addition, USAT's pre-sale design, deployment, and post-sale support services are leveraged by our clientele to ensure a wireless initiative's success. Whether your business need is a cellular backhaul from a meter, an RTU, or ATM, USAT has the correct solution.

Our portfolio of products and services is carefully selected by our wireless communication experts to bring our customer base the best solutions available on the market.

Available M2M Wireless Communication Products

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Sixnet Wireless Products Digi Wireless Products Sierra Wireless Products CradlePoint Wireless Products Encore Networks Wireless Products
Multi Tech Systems Products CalAmp Wireless Products

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Field Force Automation Communication Products

Mobilize your enterprise.(™) Since 1996, USAT has helped clients drive efficiency into their fleet operations. A full-service technology partner, USAT can procure, implement and support the components needed for field force automation projects. USAT makes it a priority to provide technology solutions built on durable, industry-tested computer hardware that maximizes uptime. USAT also offers clients customized IT support and roll-out logistics services focused on helping companies successfully manage a large fleet computing deployment.

Field Force Automation Partner

Panasonic ToughBook Labtops Panasonic ToughPads  

Video Surveillance Products

USAT partners with leading manufacturers to supply our clientele with IP-aware cameras and digital video capture hardware. The systems showcased are designed for wireless connectivity and over-the-air transmission of video data.

Panasonic Ipro Cameras Panasonic Arbitrator 360°  

Why You Should Shop With USAT Corporation

Our goal is help our clients achieve successful M2M, control automation, and field force automation initiatives. As a total solutions provider, USAT's team of communications professionals will assist you in the selection of equipment and support that best fits your cellular communications projects.

USAT is both a state-certified minority/woman business enterprise (MWBE) and certified SBA WOSB. These certifications qualify USAT as a diverse supplier to our clients' supply chains. USAT is registered with the Department of Defense's Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database, and can leverage GSA 70 to provide hardware and software solutions.

When you engage USAT to be your wireless partner, your enterprise's needs come first. USAT is not advocating for any one cellular carrier or any one device manufacturer's product line. We are beholden only to our clients' interests. In line with this philosophy, USAT represents all major public carriers and a selection of the best field-tested commercial wireless network device product lines by major manufacturers.

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