AirLink Manager (AM)/AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM) 2.16 is a major release of the AirLink Manager Platform that introduces a refreshed user interface and several significant new features in the product. This release continues to improve compatibility between ALEOS and oMG/MG devices, adds compatibility with ALEOS devices for the Telemetry feature of the AMM, increases the number of reports that support ALEOS devices, upgrades key system components and addresses a number of security issues that were discovered after the release of 2.15.2. After completing an upgrade of the AM/AMM, Sierra Wireless recommends that all users refresh their browser cache after the upgrade before accessing AMM 2.16.

Platform Support
AMM 2.16 has been tested on Dell R230 and R630 servers and on VMWare ESXi.

Browser Support
AMM 2.16 has been tested on Internet Explorer 11. Other supported browsers include Chrome and Firefox. Users that attempt to use a browser that is not supported will get a warning and may experience some issues.

Sierra Wireless Gateway Support
For oMG gateways, AMM 2.16 supports up to oMG R3.14.4. For AirLink gateways, AMM 2.16 supports ALEOS firmware version 4.4.3 and higher. Some features of AM / AMM 2.16 require later versions of the ALEOS or MG software.

The full release can be viewed here.


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