IndexSierra Wireless is pleased to announce General Availability of ALEOS 4.9.0 for the AirLink MP70, MP70E, RV50, RV50X, GX450 and ES450 gateways. For upgrade instructions, refer to the ALEOS 4.9.0 Software Configuration User Guide. This release has many important enhancements and security features, please review the release notes available here: View the Full Release Notes Here

As part of Sierra Wireless’s continued commitment to ensuring the highest level of security on all AirLink devices, the upgrade process for this release will detect the following potentially insecure device configurations and make corresponding configuration changes to mitigate the potential security impact:

• If User has a default password: Access to Telnet/SSH and server-initiated MSCI over the cellular interface will be disabled. Users of these services are advised to set a strong, unique User password prior to upgrading.

• If Sconsole has a default password: The account will be disabled until a password is set. Users of reverse telnet are advised to set a strong, unique Sconsole password before upgrading.

• If DMZ is set to automatic and the device is not using Public IP (DMZ Enabled is set to Automatic and Host Connection Mode is not set to Ethernet Uses Public IP): DMZ will be disabled. Users of DMZ but not Public IP are advised to set DMZ Enabled to Manual before upgrading.

If a device has already been upgraded, these services can be re-enabled using ACEmanager or AirLink Management Service (ALMS).
In addition to the above changes, the viewer account has been removed and will no longer be accessible in this release.



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