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Sierra Wireless AirLink® Routers & Gateways

This bulletin highlights the requirement to use both LTE MIMO antenna connections with Sierra Wireless AirLink® routers and gateways when connecting to an LTE network.

Sierra Wireless advises the use of both LTE MIMO antenna connections with all our LTE products (Cat 3 or above). This applies to the following products:

• GX450/ES450
• RV50/RV50X
• MP70/MP70E
• MG90

Products that support LTE MIMO technology (Cat 3 and above) must use both LTE MIMO antennas (Main and Diversity antennas as shown below) to avoid dropped calls, reduced data rates and unreliable connections.
Sierra Wireless Technical Bulletin

LTE networks continuously evolve and with recent upgrades to LTE networks, Sierra Wireless strongly recommends the use of both LTE MIMO antennas with our products for optimal performance and reliable connectivity. Both LTE MIMO antenna elements can be housed within the same physical antenna, often referred to as a ‘2-in-1’ antenna.


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