101 Cell Com House

101 Cell Com House

Our 101-CellCom House is an environmental enclosure developed to house and protect wireless data equipment. Constructed with durable components, it is designed to maximize the reliability of remote device installations.

Perfect for distribution automation projects, this outdoor enclosure for cellular gateways/3G routers/modems is designed to protect wireless backhaul equipment from harsh weather while maximizing coverage. The 101-CellCom House mounts neatly to a utility pole or to any vertical surface.

The 101-CellCom House is customized with an appropriate antenna, UPS, and 24 hour back-up battery. Solar panel powered models are available to incorporate green energy into the Smart Grid. Wireless communication device not included. USAT is happy to provide a wireless communication device that fits our client's project specifications, or the device can be provided to us by our client to be integrated into the 101-Cellcom House.

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101-Cell Com House Benefits

**Event alert functionality is dependent on the wireless service and wireless equipment used.