Mobile Computing Vehicle Mounts

Gamber Johnson Mobile Computing Vehicle Mounts Mobile Computing Vehicle Mounts

Highly reliable computer mounts are an integral part of successful field computing operations. USAT recognizes this, which is why we build the majority of our mounts with Gamber Johnson hardware which has been certified to the prestigious ISO 9001 international quality standard, and Havis, a very well-respected name in the industry and a top manufacturer of supplies to up fit vehicles for public safety and field service work. Ease of use, modularity and safety are all critical factors when considering what computer mounts to use. Our vehicle mounts coupled with the experience of our vehicle mount installation services team assure you the highest level of reliability, security and rapid deployment in the industry.

Several factors influence the type and placement of mount(s) to install. Through a pre-deployment assessment a vehicle mount installation specialists will discover:

The pedestal mounts can be used to support a variety of computer platforms/docking stations/port replications. Vehicle Mounts can be divided into two categories: