sprint Recently, Sprint announced that through a partnership with Customer Service Associates and the implementation of the Sprint Command Center, the company is connecting thousands of digitized consumer kiosks. By the end of 2014, Sprint forecasts that it will be providing secure connectivity for approximately 8,000 kiosks.

Sprint’s Business sales manager, Russell Heder, discusses the company’s role within the M2M market. “We provide the power to access real-time metrics to the thousands of folks who use a kiosk each day. Most people, when they think of a wireless company like Sprint, first think of smartphones and rate plans. We’re involved in so much more with our many M2M (machine-to-machine) offerings like mobile connections for these stations.”

The Sprint M2M Command Center controls billing, provisioning as well as device and service management. The main benefit of the company’s offering is its ease of use. All functions can be seamlessly controlled from a centralized and secure user portal.

Luc Vallieres, Vice President and General Manager of CSA, weighs in on the advantages of the company’s partnership with Sprint. “Relying on the Sprint bundles of connectivity and its Command Center allow us to not have to use the myriad networks for each retailer we partner with and allows our company to save time, reduce complexity, and offer strong customer satisfaction.”

Sprint has maintained a partnership with CSA for nearly two years. CSA achieved great success when implanting the Sprint-provided and approved hardware.

As the M2M/IoT market continues to expand, more possibilities for partnerships will emerge that focus on fostering greater connectivity and user-friendly solutions for customers.