MonnitToday, Sprint and Monnit Corporation, a leading provider of wireless sensing and monitoring solutions, announced a new partnership to deliver wireless monitoring. Both companies are working together to help business managers, and employees oversee operations by using cellular-connected wireless sensors and monitoring solutions that remotely monitor business facilities, processes and activities.

Sprint customers now have access to a complete wireless sensing and monitoring solution designed exclusively for businesses. As a result of these improvements, customers operating plants and other facilities can access the status of key functions, which helps accelerate the speed of operations, ensure efficiency, security and product quality. Currently, Monnit provides more than 40 different types of low-cost wireless sensors for both commercial and industrial applications. The sensors monitor a wide-range of functions that are critical to business operation, such as, temperature, humidity, access, motion, water, light, voltage, vibration, and much more. The sensors connect to an online, self-monitored sensor platform via a cellular gateway designed for Sprint’s wireless network.

The MonnitLink™ Cellular Gateway model CGW3 is a cutting-edge, wireless, M2M cellular gateway for Sprint wireless customers, which enables rapid time-to-market solutions for a variety of M2M applications. The Monnit cellular gateway transmits data between local sensor networks and iMonnit, the online data monitoring system, which aggregates sensor information and sends notifications via text or email if user-defined conditions are met or exceeded.

Features of the new cellular gateway include:

  • True “plug & play” (no hassles for Internet configuration and set-up)
  • Optional 24-hour battery backup in the event of power loss
  • Low-cost cellular service packages
  • 50,000 sensor message memory
  • Local status LEDs with transmission and online status indicators
  • Remote software upgrade capability

Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit Corporation, believes offering this solution is a step in the right direction. “The affordability of this solution makes it practical for a business of any size to deploy. The solution allows for instant creation of remote monitoring systems at offices, retail locations or other remote operations, avoiding the cost and time required to install traditional wired systems. Monnit’s wireless sensing solutions are very versatile and expandable, so additional wireless sensors can be added as needed,” said Walters.

Mohammad Nasser, director of M2M Product, Platforms and Marketing for Sprint, also believes this solution will provide many benefits to end-users. “Whether you operate an enterprise business or small business, Sprint and Monnit’s solutions put you and your people in closer, real-time touch with your critical business functions. Sprint’s wireless network coverage, combined with Monnit’s wireless sensors and online monitoring solutions, offers businesses more flexibility and reliability in remotely monitoring mission-critical business applications,” said Nasser.

As the M2M and IoT market continues to expand, Sprint and Monnit Corporation are committed to creating innovative solutions for customers across a variety of industries.