USAT Corp. M2M Wireless Data Communication Systems

USAT Corp. specializes in improving the efficiency of our clientele's mission critical operations by implementing wireless communication solutions for data acquisition. USAT provides, configures, and deploys the exact durable, field-tested intelligent network devices that best fit the business requirements and budget of a wireless connectivity initiative.

USAT Corp. is a stocking distributor of top-tier cellular modems, cellular gateways, cellular routers, and ruggedized managed and unmanaged switches designed for critical infrastructure applications. USAT designs and fabricates antenna assemblies that maximize the performance of this type equipment on the cellular network. If a client's data acquisition needs requires outdoor deployment, USAT can build custom environmental enclosures and off-the-grid power sources that can operate in harsh climatic conditions.

In addition to cellular devices, USAT also supplies, configures and installs monitoring equipment, including digital video cameras, drop-in networking sensors and I/O cables for state change detection. A rugged, vandal-proof camera system that transmits its images and video wirelessly with minimal setup can significantly impact the bottom line, especially in today's economic environment. USAT is also a source of a full range of ruggedized laptops with embedded wireless network options, mounts and accessories.

M2M Wireless Communication Devices

Our portfolio of products and services is carefully selected by our wireless communication experts to bring our customer base the best solutions available on the market.

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Carrier Alliances

USAT has long-standing partnerships with each of the following public network carriers:

Sprint Certified Agent Verizon Certified Agent At&T Certified Agent

Technology Installation Services Overview

Technology Installation Services Overview

USAT sends a SWAT Team of installation technicians across the nation to perform installations of communications technology into both vehicle fleets and fixed locations.

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Wireless Equipment To Connect The Smart Grid Overview

Wireless Communication Supplies Overview

Since 1996, USAT has helped to make the case for cellular networks as the backbone for critcal infrastructure communications in the United States. We have helped our clients connect legacy distribution automation and control automation equipment to centralized management systems in service to the smart grid. Consider USAT as a trusted source for system connectivity.

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