Management of remote devices is an ongoing priority for all critical infrastructure organizations and agencies. Therefore, it is important to recognize that upgrading to ALEOS 4.9 is important for all users of the Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70, RV50, GX450 and ES450. Below is a summary that USAT has distilled for our clients of the reasons why a planned upgrade to the newest firmware is important. To read the full release notes, click here.


  1. Increased Device Level Security
  • Previously USAT and Sierra Wireless had educated our clientele about the importance of changing ALL PASSWORDS on Airlink devices away from the default password. With the release of 4.9:
  • Viewer account is removed
  • sconsole user is disabled by default
  • Wi-Fi KRACK fix (MP70)
  • Some CVE Vulnerabilities Mitigated (but not all)


  1. Large Gains In Vehicle Telemetry Functionality (Flagship Feature of 4.9 For MP70 Users)
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Direct Vehicle Bus (CAN) integration
  • Driver Behavior Reporting


  1. Increased Uptime Functionality Via Dual-Sim Automatic Failover with Radio Module Switching
  • SIM failover with automatic carrier switching


  1. Improved WiFi Functionality (For MP70)

• Wi-Fi channel selection fix to optimize simultaneous mode operation



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